Academic management experience

Concerning the academic management activities, I served as the Director's Academic Secretary of the Polytechnical Faculty (CPS) at the University of Zaragoza. Later on, I took part of the Foundational Direction Board of the School of Engineering and Arquitecture (EINA). At present, I serve as the Academic Secretary of the Condensed Matter Department of the University of Zaragoza. Also, I am a member of our University's cloister of professors.
In several occasions, I have joined national and international commissions of project evaluators.

Academic Secretary of the CPS and of the EINA foundational board
(2007 - 2012)

Main activities due in this position:

    • Secretary of the Faculty's board
    • Management of resources: facilities of the Faculty, classes, computer rooms, ...
    • Organization of election processes.
    • Scheduling of classes and examinations.
    • Official certificates, diplomas and transcripts.

Academic secretary of the Condensed Matter Physics Department
(2012 - to date)

I assume the following tasks:

    • Secretary of the Department's board
    • Management of resources: occupation of rooms by staff, visiting professors,...
    • Organization of seminars, conferences and other events.
    • Scheduling of the Department's teaching activities .
    • Edition and printing of the Department's PhD theses.
    • Administration of the Department's webpage.

Member of the University's cloister of professors
(2016 - to date)

We have the following duties:

    • Organize the cloister sessions, elections, etc
    • Process initiatives of University Bylaws amendments.