Acción, relato y discurso: Estructura de la ficción narrativa.

An expanded narratological analysis of the different levels of narrative texts, and of issues such as narrative voice, implied speakers and readers, point of view, fictionality, narrative embedding, pragmatics of narrative, etc.

498 p; approx. 31 euros; issued 1998.

Apdo. 325
 37080 Salamanca - Spain


Samuel Beckett y la narración reflexiva

A narratological study of Beckett's prose fiction and its metafictional strategies, the play with narrative conventions, the formal games and the paradoxes resulting from Beckett's handling of perception and imagination, narrative time, levels, and closure and his thematization of formal and generic conventions.

316 p.; approx. 15 euros; issued 1992.

Edificio Geológicas- Campus Pza. S. Francisco
50009 Zaragoza - Spain



Gender, I-deology: Essays on theory, fiction and film

A collection of essays by 29 scholars, from a feminist perspective, coedited with Chantal Cornut-Gentille d'Arcy. Topics range from Woody Allen to Jeanette Winterson, from E. A. Poe to The Silence of the Lambs.

465 p.; issued 1996.

Order to: Editions Rodopi B. V., Tijnmuiden 7, 1046 AK Amsterdam - The Netherlands.




A reader on narrative theory, coedited with Susana Onega. It includes a long introduction and a selection of texts by contemporary theorists: Barthes, Bal, Genette, Greimas, Stanzel, White, Ricoeur, Culler, Hillis Miller, etc.

324 p., issued 1996.



Reading "The Monster": The Interpretation of Authorial Intention in the Criticism of Narrative Fiction.

This is a theoretical reflection on the borderline of hermeneutics, narratology and reception theory, using as a case study Stephen Crane's story on racial relations, disfigurement, ethical responsibility and social coertion, "The Monster".

M. A. diss. Brown University, 1989; Ann Arbor: UMI, 1997. 269 p. (Hardback or paperback). The book can be ordered through this web site: