Dissemination activities

I have authored dissemination works mainly related to Superconductivity, that have been published in different venues, ranging from the local press to international journals of Physics education. I have also designed interactive applications that include visual material for different platforms. Below, a selection of them may be found.

Levitation with superconductors: American Journal of Physics 74, 1136 (2006)

American Journal of Physics is a journal hosted by the AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers) mainly focused on bringing Physical problems to the University classroom.

In the work entitled Understanding stable levitation of superconductors from intermediate electromagnetics I introduce the well known phenomenon of magnetic levitation with magnets and superconductors. The physical mechanisms are explained relying on concepts that are at hand for the graduate and undergraduate students. Intermediate knowledge of Mechanics and Electromagnetics is assumed.

Levitación con superconductores: Aragón investiga (in spanish)

Aragón Investiga is a program of the regional government focused on the dissemination of scientific research. The main emphasis of this web is to broadcast the Research and Development activities of local scientists so as to widespread Passion for Science

The issue Levitación magnética y superconductividad (2008-01-25) targets the average citizen by means of accesible language and illustrations that explain the phenomenon of magnetic levitation and its applications for society.

Superconductores a tu alrededor: Laboratorio Virtual (in spanish)

With the occasion of the centenary of Superconductivity (1911-2011), and through the financial support of the Spanish fecyt and the foundation Obra Social de Ibercaja we developed the didactical material Superconductores a tu alrededor (Superconductors around you), targetting the implementation in the high school classroom.

With the collaboration of the virtual lab (Ibercaja) we created a collection of interactive files (7 exercices) that lead the student towards the underlying physical phenomena. This is done through illustrated explanations accompanied by related quizzes.

Playtools: Materiales Superconductores (Superconducting materials)

The project "Play Tools" aims at the dissemination of research activities of our Material Science Institute of Aragón. High school students and the society in general are the targetted audience. The format of the issues consists of videos (chapters) that constitue a so-called webseries. Each chapter (having a duration of 5 minutes) starts with a short introduction on the physical phenomenon, typically illustrated and motivated by a simple experiment. This leads to the subsequent message.

In the chapter "Superconducting Materials" we introduce our research activities (basically theoretical) focused on the further development of prototypes. This is connected to the development of Applications as our App. Straightforwardly, it allows the end-user to perform simulations of superconducting systems in Android based devices.