Picture of Alberto Elduque


Alberto Elduque

Departamento de Matemáticas
Universidad de Zaragoza
50009 Zaragoza, Spain

phone: (+34)876553229


Here you may find the following information:

Research   (recent publications, preprints, talks).

My research is focused on Nonassociative algebras. Most of it is connected in one way or other to the octonions and Lie algebras and superalgebras related to them.

Teaching   (office hours, course notes, exercises files, ...).

I have posted course notes on Introduction to algebra, Groups and Galois Theory, and Lie algebras.

More   (outreach, some links, ...).

Among other things, there is information here on the Taller de Talento Matemático (in Spanish). This is an activity for high-school kids, that I organize together with my former classmate Fernando de la Cueva Landa, and with the help of many other friends and colleagues.
We take care too of the regional Math Olympiad.

Not long ago I turned 60, and some very good friends organized this:   Conference poster
Thank you!
Due to the pandemic, the meeting was postponed and finally held in July 18-22, 2022:   Conference poster